How to Create Cracked Face with Photoshop cs5

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An easy way to create the cracked effect is to use some earth texture, you can download this package that includes four earth texture.
These are the cracked effect with these textures: 

 1 :Import the picture into Photoshop. To make the person's face stand out, you can crop off some area. Use the How to Create Cracked Face with Photoshop cs5 tool to select the area you want to keep, then go to Image>Crop

2 :Press Ctrl+J to duplicate the Background layer and get layer 1

3 :Open the texture picture in Photoshop. Make a selection on the text image and then copy it to the person picture and get layer 2

Press ctrl+t to adjust the size of texture area, and use the How to Create Cracked Face with Photoshop cs5 to adjust the texture position.

 4 :Change the Blend mode of layer 2 to Pin light and the opacity to 60%. With Layer 2 highlighted, click the Layer Mask icon. A mask with white color is added to layer 2.

5 : Click the mask layer icon, and paint with black to hide some texture on the person's face. Select the Brush tool in the tool box, set the size and opacity for your brush.

While painting on the picture, it's better to use the shortcut to adjust your brush at anytime:
[ ]:adjust the brush size
Shift+[ ]:soft/hard brush
And press X to get white background color so you can use the white color brush to when you make a mistake and accidentally paint over an area 

This is the final effect i get:


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